Greeley CO Restaurants

Finding a taste of home while away from home is a rare pleasure. CSK’s Grill provides just this comfort to anyone that craves the taste of Southern BBQ while dining at one of the best Greeley CO restaurants. Known as a staple in the city for their smoked, Texas-style Southern BBQ and commitment to bettering the community around them, CSK’s Grill offers up more than just your regular sandwiches- we offer you a chance to improve the world. Fortunately, changing the world can also taste delicious when dining with our delicious recipes. We also cater to any event you might be hosting or attending and offer a variety of food beyond just Southern BBQ sandwiches.

Greeley CO Restaurants

Not native to Northern CO, Owners Ritchie and Cheryl moved to fulfill their dreams by contributing to the Greeley CO restaurants list a wholesome, loving Texas-style Southern BBQ restaurant. Little did that list of Greeley CO restaurants know it would receive new members so resolutely committed to making an impact in the very heart of their new community. Partnering with social organizations to make a true change in our surrounding areas, CSK’s Grill proves why supporting local businesses and restaurants truly do make an impact. The Rock Found is one such of the organizations we are proud to be party to, assisting the introduction of incarcerated individuals safely back into their community with a newfound purpose and support.

Now, let’s talk about the savory and satisfying menu offered by CSK’s Grill that separates it from other Greeley CO Restaurants. There really is no choosing wrong. Whether you choose from our specialty smoked Texas-style Southern BBQ options or the variety of other choices, you will always get your food perfectly seasoned, tender, and hot. Our Texas-style Southern BBQ is our proudest offering, coming in either a juicy BBQ Brisket Sandwich, a succulent BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, or prime choice CSK’s Brisket Burger (with Nacho Cheese). Adding BBQ Brisket and nacho cheese to make our popular Barb Fries is a go-to choice.

It is, however, our skills of preparing a full menu with exceptional tastes and incredibly low prices that truly differentiates us from the other Greeley CO Restaurants. The delicious food we offer in addition to Texas-style Southern BBQ is as follows:

  • Angus Beef Burger
  • Spicy Polish Sausage On A Stick
  • Regular and Cheesy Fries
  • Corn Dogs
  • Fat Boy/ Klondike Ice Cream Bars

Though at first glance it might seem simple, we are able to utilize this condensed menu and deliver the best catering and food truck service of existing Greeley CO restaurants. Operating out of one specific location Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, we serve up our entire menu for those fortunate enough to show up. Our customer service to meet your catering needs is exemplary, and we hope to serve you at your next special occasion or event. For booking information visit our Contact Us page online and feel free to browse our official catering site to Book a Date. Come get a taste of home up and the finest BBQ of Greeley CO Restaurants at CSK’s Grill, from our home to yours.

Greeley CO Restaurants

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