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Hometown food trucks have become a great way to experience incredible food and CSK’s Grill is one of the best Greeley places to eat. Open from eleven to one every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon and recently five to nine on Thursday evenings serving great and authentic Texas-style, mesquite smoked BBQ burgers, turkey legs, and so much more to satisfy your taste buds.

Best of all, we now offer delivery of our delicious BBQ dishes through OrderUp! which also contains our full menu. Keep reading to find out what places us as one of the best Greeley places to eat and what makes CSK’s Grill so special.

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The Story Of CSK’s Grill

With a true Texan background and a passion for the mouth-watering cuisine of the Lone Star State our founder made it a mission to become an expert of Texas-style BBQ and mesquite while also creating new and irresistible dishes for the residents of their adopted state of Colorado. Through trial and error using their signature little red smoker, the cooks became experts at cooking up authentic Texas-style BBQ and went on to open a successful food truck in Greeley Colorado.

The success of their food truck became a testament to the passion and love for Texas-style BBQ cuisine and sharing delicious dishes with the residents of Greeley becoming a staple in the community. Each dish from the mesquite smoked BBQ burgers to the turkey legs quickly became fan favorites.

Now CSK’s Grill is proud to be a member of the community and offers convenient food delivery through OrderUp! while also offering catering services.

Our Place In The Community

At CSK’s Grill, we recognize that our success is not only tied to great and authentic Texas-style BBQ but how we give back to our adoptive community. Over the course of time, we have set out to become a contributing member of the Greeley community and the state of Colorado.

We do this by not only being one of the great Greeley places to eat but also partnering with local community programs and businesses to create a lasting, positive impact on the community. These programs work to improve our schools, communities, and neighborhoods to make a real difference.

One such program we have partnered with is The Rock Found, a non-profit religious-based organization that provides housing, skill-training, and employment opportunities for recently released individuals who have paid their debt to society. The Rock Found works to reduce recidivism rates while changing the lives of our most vulnerable for the better.

Another local partner we are proud to work closely with is Raised In A Barn, a furniture store that offers authentic barn wood furniture that is expertly handmade. Raised In A Barn provides job opportunities for those in the community who are most in need and create a lasting difference in our adopted home.

Visit Us Today!

There is much more to CSK’s Grill than delicious brisket burgers and messy pulled pork sandwiches. Our entire menu is available online and is now available through Greeley’s own food delivery service OrderUp!

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