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The 2017 holiday season is here. There is no better time to get together with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company. This also means it is paramount to plan on how to feed a large group without breaking the bank or stressing yourself out. That means it is a perfect time to take advantage of one of the best Greeley Colorado catering services available. If you are looking for one of the top Greeley Colorado catering companies and love the delectable tastes of Texas-style BBQ then take a minute to investigate CSK’s Grill. You can find out more about who we are and view pictures of the delicious creations we offer through our Colorado catering service at the link provided here: CSK’s Grill.Colorado Catering


CSK’s Grill is a seasonal food truck and Greeley Colorado catering service that tries to meet all the catering needs of our surrounding communities. Our founders Cheryl and Ritchie Cook wanted to bring a piece of their native Texas lands North with them when they found a new home in Greeley, Colorado. It didn’t take much more than a simple purchase of a little red smoker and a few transport trailers to see their vision put into action. This is what we affectionately now know as CSK’s Grill.

CSK’s Grill is proud to announce our regular and new options available on our special Colorado catering holiday menu. We specialize in preparing and providing slowly cooked and smoked meats. All of our items are perfect for BBQ lovers and carry a uniquely tender and juicy taste, unlike traditional cooking methods. And we now offer a Mesquite Smoked Bacon menu item that is out of this world. This is a completely original take on bacon that is perfect for any and all bacon lovers that we decided to do because, really, who doesn’t love bacon?

Here is a list of our Holiday Menu offered for all of our Colorado catering services:Colorado Catering

  • Mesquite Smoked Whole Turkey $60.00 (16-19 lbs before smoking)
  • Mesquite Fully Smoked Bone-in Pork Butt $40.00 (7-9 lbs before smoking)
  • Mesquite Smoked Whole Brisket $13.99 / lb
  • Mesquite Smoked Bacon $9.00 / lb
  • Mesquite Smoked Spicy Sausage $7.99 / lb

If you have never tried a whole smoked turkey, but love the taste of fried turkey then don’t miss out on this delicious option! Or, if are curious about how bacon can be improved on even more than what you thought was perfection then don’t miss out on our Mesquite Smoked Bacon! It is impossible not to notice the difference in how juicy all of these meats are when you bite into them. So, don’t stress out over shopping, cooking, cleaning, and a crowded kitchen that all prevent you from enjoying every precious minute with your family this holiday season. Let CSK’s Grill take the pressure and agony of feeding a large group of people off of your plate this December. That way you have more room on it to put more of our savory smoked meats!

Use the BOOK A DATE feature on our website to let us know when you are hosting company or CONTACT US to see how we can cater to you and your loved ones soon.

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